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Managed IT Services in Florida

The Best Managed IT Services in West Palm Beach

Peace of mind. That’s what most CEOs and CTOs say once their IT services are fully or partially managed by the Florida Nerds in West Palm Beach. We’re the Florida Nerds, and we’re a leading provider of Managed IT Services in West Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast. Our goal is to take over your entire IT department. From daily desktop support to IT/IS threat identification and mitigation, we’ve got your back! And We know what we’re doing because we’ve been doing managed IT for 25 years. All of the Florida Nerds hold at least 1 industry certification, including the office manager.

Proactive Managed IT Services

Yes! Our Managed IT Services Team in Florida is available 24/7/365.

Managed Service Providers like the Florida Nerds are the best way to manage your internal infrastructure, internal and remote employees, and external resources like data centers and cloud service providers. We’re proactive and overly protective of our clients, their data, and their clients’ data. Most times, we’ll be aware of an issue before the client. The Florida Nerds offers a 15 minute, real-human response 24/7/365. We’re reachable via phone, e-mail, text, website chat, and support ticketing system. Read more about the different aspects of managed IT services that the Florida Nerds offers in West Palm Beach and it’s surrounding areas.

Desktop Support

The foundation of managed IT services is desktop support. We monitor and manage the employees’ workstations and internal systems to make sure that everything is running smooth.
The Florida Nerds takes a proactive approach to Managed Services in West Palm Beach and it’s surrounding towns. When it comes to desktop support, employees are encouraged to reach out to us when there is a functionality question, employees are able to reach out to ask questions on how to use an application. In our experience, this increases employee productivity. Read More

On and Off Premises Server Management

Is your server in your office or is it cloud-based. Whichever the case, the Florida Nerds will manage your server infrastructure. We’ve been managing servers for 25 years in West Palm Beach. We support end-user tasks like password resets and file revision rollbacks. We also manage system backups, updates, and threat mitigation. If your on-premises server has reached it’s end of life, we’ll help you procure a new server and migrate your data.Read More

Response Time

How quickly will I receive help is a key question you should ask when you’re looking for a managed services provider. The Florida Nerds offers a < 15 minute response time 24/7/365. We’re reachable via phone, text, E-Mail, support ticket, and website chat. Most times we’re able to resolve issues remotely. If we’re unable to resolve the issue or the issue becomes an emergency, we can have a Florida Nerd onsite within an hour or so. Read More

Managed IT Security

Security is our mainstay, and security is considered in every decision that we make. The Florida Nerds can manage your internet IT security. We can handle the desktop and laptop virus/malware maintenance. We can also help you achieve PCI/DSS, SOX, and HIPPA compliance Contact us today to see how we can help secure and lockdown you and your clients’ data. Read More

Full Management or Co-Managed Solutions

If you’re looking for the Florida Nerds to take over your entire IT infrastructure, we can do that. We can also show you how you can save money by augmenting your current internet IT staff with Florida Nerds Managed IT Services. When you augment your current staff with a manged services company, it allows your internal IT department time to tackle bigger projects without interruptionRead More

Turn to the professionals

Management of your IT infrastructre shouldn’t be daunting. Turn to the professionals at the Florida Nerds get back your peace of mind. Dozens of West Palm Beach companies have turned to the Florida Nerds for Managed IT services. You should too!Read More


Hi! Nice to Meet You. We’re the Florida Nerds

If any area requires the maximum level of personal computer and networking service, it’s West Palm Beach and the surrounding area. That is why we founded The FL Nerds in 1996. And we’ve earned that nerd status, with all our workers certified and steeped in real-world experience. Look round the FL Nerds and you’ll find Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, hardware specialists with A+ certification, network pros with CCIE and CCNA certifications, and data security specialists with CISSP certificates.

Basically, whatever you require, we have got the experts available to help you.


We Offer More Than Just Managed IT Services In West Palm Beach, FL. We also offer Top Quality Managed Network & IT Security Support!

The Florida Nerds work with a number of world-class security vendors to guarantee secure and advanced security measures for computer systems of our small business and corporate level clients. We can use everything from anti-virus to anti-virus into anti-spyware to firewalls to encryption oriented best practices that together reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

We aim to provide the finest quality network security options that decrease the chances for business disruptions due to network downtime and community firefights. Our practices are the very best and we work with a proactive approach to ensure periodic network checks against security breaches.

We further unite your network environment connected to your company regularly, which increases the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.

Customer Satisfaction in managed it services and IT security is the #1 priority of this FLNerds. Whether you need remote monitoring or break-fix support or desktop-only support or a help desk program, we’ll make a perfect package best-suited for your requirements.

Our bundles are derived from the exact own best interests of a customer. It usually means you will get firsthand advice about the most critical questions regarding warranty-type, replacement pricing, seller warranties, and service, etc. We have partnered with almost all impressive companies, so we always propose the best alternates related to your financial plan and issues. We pass the benefits obtained from vendors to the customer, but you’re still able to ask us for recommendations if you want to buy the hardware yourself.


When it comes to Managed IT Services, Look no further than the Florida Nerds!