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Your connection to your computer doesn’t end when you leave work. Far from it. Your computer keeps you connected to the world around you. It gives you the freedom to work away from the office. It keeps you laughing as you watch videos on YouTube, keeps you in touch with faraway friends and relatives as you scroll through photos on Facebook. And it keeps your kids up to date with their homework. So what do you do when your computer crashes? When you lose your work at 3 a.m. the

day it’s due? Or when you see the slowdown or other signs of a virus, spyware, or other malware? You call The Florida Nerds! That’s what you do. We have the technical experience and know-how to get you back up and running pronto. We come to you  Yes, at 3 a.m. if necessary. With same-day service in all of Florida. Even if all you need is help to connect your new printer, we’re there for you.

24/7/365. Same-day service. And yes, all our Nerds are certified. We’re new to Southern Florida, but we’re not new to technology. We’re actually part of the New York Nerds. New Yorkers have trusted the New York Nerds for 25 + years, you should too.

  • We Come To You 24/7/365!
  • All Nerds Are Certified!
  • Same Day Service in Florida.


You name it. Sure, we’ll fix your broken laptop and sort out that network connection that isn’t working.
But that’s not all we can do. Check it out:

SaaS Services

The expanding reach and power of the world wide web have changed how people do business, with more and more web-based services popping up. One of these is SaaS. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Which pertains to some licensed software being ”rented” to a business by another company on an as-needed basis.
To illustrate, let’s say Company A needs a few licensed applications, but only for a specific period of time because of a one-time customer or project. Company B, since the SaaS provider, rents the usage of the application to Company A for the time Company A should use it — weekly, monthly, etc. (Business B is licensed) The concept has become more and more popular since the legal alternate to rent/outsource the usage of this software spares the expense and hassle of procuring software licensing.
As with other outsourced solutions, the hardware used for SaaS is located and hosted and accessed on the internet from the contributor. Virtually all kinds of software can be used via a SaaS service, and the availability of the software depends on the subscriber. There’s vast potential in the usage of the internet and web-based services such as SaaS, but the essence of the remote hosting service is not for everybody. If you want to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages in relation to your business model, The FL Nerds would be delighted to discuss a possible SaaS map with you.
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Protecting your company from malicious cyber threats and information disasters should be a high priority. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go at it alone. Partner with The FL Nerds and together Protecting your company from malicious cyber threats and information disasters should be a high priority.
But that doesn’t mean that you have to go at it alone. Partner with The FL Nerds and together we can continue to keep your network and data digitally shielded with fully managed network security solutions.
Receive complete protection from all cyber dangers — old & new, internal & external Enjoy true security with a solution tailored to your Everyday business operations Gain from complete business continuity with failover, failback & more Leverage a team of business experts qualified for CEH & CISSP The more time you wait to properly secure your network, the more vulnerable your business becomes. So don’t wait till it’s too late. Give the FL Nerds a call and let us secure the future of your organization. Together we can continue to keep your data confidential, your community protected, and also your future intact.
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System / Network Audits

Running a Systems and Network Audit enables you to rapidly identify and address critical issues with your organization technology. Designed specifically for company owners, Managed Services Providers these reports provide you with insight into your IT environment, identifying pain factors and security gaps, and providing you with the opportunity to make an immediate positive influence on your operations.
When you have a Systems and Network Audit completed by the FL Nerds, we’ll bring our auditing hardware and software to your office. Our goal is to gather info about your system, network, habits, etc for a week to ten days. Following that, we will present our findings that will help you leverage your existing technology, and provide recommendations for improvements that will help you attain your business and engineering objectives.
By getting to know your business inside and outside, our Systems and Network Audit will ensure that proper security controls are incorporated into your technology environment.
Your Detailed system report, delivered on conclusion of the evaluation, will comprise: An executive overview Overview of the evaluation scope and goals Assumptions and limitations of the assessment Procedures and tools employed The layout of the present environment or systems with related diagrams Security requirements Overview of findings and recommendations Audit outcomes:
General control review Network audit, including identified assets, threats, vulnerabilities, impact and likelihood evaluation, and network results evaluation Recommended actions
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Managed Services

You just want your IT to work without having to actually deal with it? Cool. The FL Nerds can do that, too. We’ll manage part of your network or the entire infrastructure. Whatever you prefer. We’ll provide on-site IT support or help you out remotely. Always professional. Efficient. Customer-oriented. Not to mention secure. The details: We service Microsoft, Apple, Linux/BSD/*nix desktops, laptops, and servers. All of them. Yes, we work on mobile devices, too. As always, 24/7/365 wherever you are.Read More

Regulatory Compliance

What regulatory compliance concerns do you have? HIPAA? PCI/DSS? SOX ? Or…? Call us at 772.200.2600 to see how we can help you protect your clients’ sensitive information. while also complying with government regs. We handle software licensing compliance as wellRead More

Forensic Investigations

Are you headed to court? We’ll provide the IT evidence and witnesses you need. We investigate your computer systems and data to gather the digital info you need, and we’ll help figure out. how that unauthorized user breached your security. Even better — We’ll perform the annual security audits and penetration testing you need to make sure hacks don’t occur. And yes, we have an industrial espionage department, should you need those services.Read More

Welcome to the Home
of the Florida Nerds

If any area needs the highest level of computer and networking service, it’s Southeastern Florida and her surrounding towns. On a visit to help That’s why we founded the FL Nerds. And we’ve earned that nerd status, with all our employees certified and steeped in real-world experience. Look around the FL Nerds and you’ll find Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, hardware specialists with A+ certification, network pros with CCIE and CCNA certifications, and data security experts with CISSP certifications.

Basically, whatever you need, we’ve got the experts on hand to help you.

We Come To You

Need on-site service? You got it. Call us at 772.200.2600 to hear all your options. If it’s an emergency, press the number for Emergency Support, and we’ll connect you. And yes, we are available to come to you. — home or business — 24/7/365. You can’t beat that.Read More

Help You Remotely

Whichever you prefer. What can we do remotely? How about installing most software, troubleshooting problems, removing viruses, and tuning up your computer’s performances. That’s just for starters.Read More

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers to your questions. And we get them to you fast. How fast? (Yes, we have an answer to that question!) 3 minutes. Or even less. That was our average response time in 2019. And all those 3-minute responses? They came from real human beings. Not bots. Nothing canned. People helping people.Read More


You're In Good Hands

Hundreds of extremely satisfied customers!

This company is awesome. Honest, responsive, knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend them. One of my neighbors referred them and they were great.
Autumn Oldfield
Autumn Oldfield
22:18 17 Aug 22
These guys are great. Tony, Sam, and Anthony were a pleasure to work with. I was having a network issue that required a new ethernet line being run through my attic and they took care of it. I’m very happy with their work. I highly recommend them!
Chris Ande
Chris Ande
18:57 29 May 22
Fast and capable, they got my issue sorted out and had the computer returned in less than 24 hours! Highly recommend!
14:30 27 May 22
FL Nerds are simply the best!
Anders Franson
Anders Franson
14:38 20 May 22
The Nerd showed up at the designated time, was very professional and knowledgeable. It took him less than a minute to see and fix my problem. I would definitely recommend them.
Michael Riebertz
Michael Riebertz
12:40 23 Nov 21
Great business!Customer service is important to them!!!Highly recommend!!!
Andrea Salisbury
Andrea Salisbury
01:18 22 Nov 21
I needed help with my surround sound at my house. Tony responded to my calll within minutes. He gave me advise of what I needed to add to get results I was looking for. He even went out of his way to pick a part up at Best Buy so I didn’t have to go get it. These guys are awesome. Responsive, courteous and full of knowledge..
Maria Edge
Maria Edge
21:22 25 Jul 21
Tony Cundiff is the best !! He came to my home on July 3rd and fixed my computer issues. He has a “big brain” and for him it was easy, but for me it was a computer nightmare. He returned on July 4th and installed the Eero system. I would recommend the FL NERDS to anyone in need of knowledgeable, respectful and professional service. Tony is the kind of guy that makes you feel very comfortable and in the process teaches you some computer tricks !!
Judi Nashawaty
Judi Nashawaty
17:47 08 Jul 21
Ran out of disk space and need to image to a larger drive. Not only did they recommend the exact drive to upgrade to, but the imaged the drive in a day to minimize my down time with this pc. You can come to them or they can come to you. Recommend them highly and a much better choice than G@@k Squad.
William Bradley
William Bradley
16:30 08 Jul 21
Tony is my go to guy @ NY Nerds. If he represents all the Nerds, I can highly recommend this company. Have used Tony's skills numerous times, any time I have a computer issue or even a question, he responds quickly and professionally. Great value for the service too. I ALWAYS recommend NY Nerds to my friends and colleagues.
Lori Posdal
Lori Posdal
19:42 15 Jun 21
Quick and technical response to a printer problem and had the right resource who visited me twice and was clearly a wonderful resource to help with my issues and was patient, empathetic, technically proficient and knew his stuff....and communicated well! Bravo all around!!
Bennett Florida
Bennett Florida
17:56 10 Jun 21
AwesomeMy computer all of a sudden simply would not turn on.Tony knew in an instant the source of the problem was a software update.He rectified the situation in seconds,He took the time to explain the situation.All this free of charge. Amazing !
Gwen A
Gwen A
08:15 30 May 21
Tony was very eager to fix my problem.My problem was not big at all for him .Huge for me.I would recommend him to anyone who needs computer work.Talked like we were friends forever.Thank you so much
Mike Futterer
Mike Futterer
16:48 06 May 21
Tony is amazing. I don't know much about computers except how to use them and I was tasked with finding an IT company to upgrade our systems. Tony was not only patient, but personable and professionnal. He talked to us and figured out what our priorities where and was able to get us what we needed for a reasonable price.
14:01 09 Apr 21
I have used the Nerds on many occasions, and will continue to do so. Prompt, courteous, and profssionalism with a good solid knowledge is their calling. Tony is always available to answer my questions and has gone out of his way to insure my "problem" is solved. I can't recommmend them enough.
Gordon Beatty
Gordon Beatty
21:44 08 Apr 21
Florida Nerds started out amazing and was sure they could fix the issue but in the end was unable to help with my problem and charged me $224.00
Annette Becker
Annette Becker
14:26 05 Apr 21
The Florida Nerds are the best. They fixed my slow computer quickly. In the future, The Florida Nerds will be my first choice. Wish I had learned about them a long time ago, I could have saved a lot of time, money and frustration
Gary Turner
Gary Turner
11:45 22 Sep 20
These guys are great! So helpful and reasonably priced. They always go above and beyond when I have issues with our computers. In the end, their services were wonderful, they were fast, and the cost was extremely reasonable, especially at 3am when our network took a dive.
Elaine Conner
Elaine Conner
13:20 19 Sep 20
Totally pleased with the service and cannot recommend Sammy enough. You can trust her to find the right cost-effective solution and do it quickly. Can't go wrong with these Nerds. I wish more businesses were this devoted to quality and good service. Thanks Florida Nerds!
Johnny Edward
Johnny Edward
20:55 11 Sep 20
I love this place. These guys are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and they know their stuff. I am completely out of my element when it comes to dealing with computers and their problems. They have never talked down to me, are excellent at explaining what's going on with my computer...I trust them completely.
Debra Lay
Debra Lay
15:44 06 Sep 20
I am so happy I went with The Florida Nerds I dropped my laptop off on Thursday afternoon and picked it up on Saturday morning. It's running better than ever- virus free! I really couldn't be happier. Tony is very honest and knowledgeable and is extremely fair (i.e. he will not overcharge you for a simple fix).
Jayden James
Jayden James
13:34 18 Aug 20
Best counter experience I've ever had, and my pc was repaired as promptly as they promised. Thanks Sam and Tony, you made this easy. Your shop is now my default destination for all things tech. Don't waste your time with other shops. Go to The Florida Nerds!! Tony, thanks again.
Yael Counts
Yael Counts
10:21 18 Aug 20
Tony is awesome. He's smart, quotes you up front, and over delivers. I was sold before I walked in the place. Sam is amazing and the name of the business is very appropriate. Don't waste time reading more reviews. If you have been lucky enough to find the Florida Nerds, use them.
Michael Bob
Michael Bob
07:20 14 Aug 20
They're the best! While they were not able to repair my hard drive, they recommended who could. They spent a lot of time on my computer and they did not charge me for the full amount of time they spent They're trustworthy and honest. I will definitely use them again.
Anna Buchholz
Anna Buchholz
11:46 11 Aug 20
Sam is the most competent and reasonably priced IT professional I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. She is upfront, keeps you informed throughout the process and does her best to deliver as quickly as possible. She goes above and beyond the basic service and does not overcharge for the extra service. Cannot recommend these Nerds enough.
Alfred Herman
Alfred Herman
13:00 10 Aug 20
Wow! Truly amazed at how knowledgeable and quick Tony is. He saved me a load of time, explained everything to me so that I could understand exactly what was going on and finished fixing everything in no time. All services have been excellent, and they always go the extra mile to improve my computers' capacity and capabilities. Recently when I was ill and unable to go to pick up a USB cord from their office, Tony, one of the owners, offered to drop it off for me at my home. I'm grateful for their care and expertise.
Mark Starr
Mark Starr
10:46 08 Aug 20
Samantha is top notch. She explained everything in detail that she was going to do and was very quick. She even replaced a part to my computer at no extra charge. Any future computer work I need will be put into the good hands of the people at The Florida Nerds. I can’t thank you enough
PlayHap pyClub
PlayHap pyClub
11:35 07 Aug 20
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About The Florida Nerds

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services can be defined as the day to day information technology services that are provided by an outside IT organization to its clients. Managed IT Services are available as a service for companies as well as individual users/home office users. Managed IT Services are implemented as per the customer’s requirements as they are concerned with requirements of data security and access control amongst other things.

Managed IT Service providers like the FL Nerds primary role is to provide the technology services and staff required to staff a company’s IT department. The customer should know what those resources are and also how they are utilized. Each of the resources provided is supposed to meet the specific requirement of the customer. With this, the IT organization is well-aware of its responsibility towards the customer.

One facet of managed IT services by the Florida Nerds should be reviewed is that the provider manages all software used by the client. The IT service provider is responsible for all the software installed in the server and clients will provide the support through the use of the Support Software.

Support software is made available on the website and the customer gets the rights to download the software for he has a signed agreement with the IT organization. The agreement states the policies that the client is expected to follow while using the software.

When we talk about managed IT Services, the key issue that we need to keep in mind is cost cutting. The goal of Managed Services is to provide a fully managed IT department for a monthly fee.  This is achieved by a reduction in the staff that is being engaged by the organization. All the necessary processes are set up for the organization to make sure that the customer gets the desired benefit.

At times, the managed IT services provider would need to maintain the environment in which the client’s data is stored. The service providers are responsible for taking care of the servers that are part of the IT infrastructure and all the necessary repairs are carried out. Managed IT service providers offer services that include: break/fix computer/network/server, cloud services, disaster recovery, and managed security services.

Managed IT Services ensures that the client is given a professional and experienced team that will take care of all the business processes of the company. The aim of the management is to provide the best in the best interests of the customer. This also ensures that the IT budget is saved.

For financial businesses, such as investment firms and CPA’s,  a managed services IT provider can be the best option. All the processes are taken care of by the organization that ensures that the client has access to the best possible product and services.

The focus of the organization is now focused on the customers. It should now focus on providing services that cater to the needs of the customers and not just the customers.Another benefit of managed IT Services by the FL Nerds is that we reduce the clients overall expense, and we ensure that resources are configured to meet the business goals of the client. It is important that organizations understand all the benefits of IT services so that they can organize their systems efficiently and effectively.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services is the most fundamental, no-nonsense step to take in order to build an enterprise. It’s definitely a must for everyone who owns a business or has some level of influence on those around you. The fact that the Florida Nerds Managed Security service can get any company or enterprise up, running, and secured in a short amount of time is certainly a bonus!

On top of that, having this kind of service is the first step towards good security – something that is a necessity to be able to perform many tasks on a daily basis.
Managed Security Services by the Florida Nerds provides your company with comprehensive security solutions so that it becomes harder for hackers and other bad actors to get into your network and steal data from it.

One thing to remember is that it isn’t enough to just have security as long as your network is protected, you need a great variety of security devices that you can use to guard your company against those who would want to cause damage to it. Since so many companies are faced with the difficult task of protecting their networks, this is a very important part of the equation.

Not only do you need a full, 100% network security solution, but you also need a flexible security solution to handle all of the miscellaneous responsibilities that coincide with protecting a client’s network. Some of these tasks are threat detection, intrusion detection, and network monitoring and management.

Managed Security Services are what your company needs in order to be able to remain ahead of the game, and continue to be the place that every company wants to be. So what exactly do these systems offer you? Let’s find out…

First, when dealing with large-scale network security issues such as IP addressing, different addresses are required for different network segments. Your organization needs to protect itself from outside threats, and by doing so, it is often necessary to move IP address around in order to give your employees a free, unassigned IP address. Since these IP addresses are going to be used at your company, they need to be protected from hackers, along with all other threats that can come from the Internet.

Most small businesses lack the internal IT staff that need to be dedicated to IT security. There are day to day tasks that must be run in order to confirm your network, it’s data, and your employees are secure.

The security resources provided by the FL Nerds are unbeatable. Our managed security service is used by the top small businesses in Florida. We’re dedicated to protecting your data. Our incident response team is open 24x7x365. We’re also hyper-vigilant when it comes to threat monitoring.

Secondly, when it comes to network security, one of the best things to do is to get some sort of virus protection on it. Virus protection programs are capable of preventing computers from getting infected and also using antivirus software to block threats.

Thirdly, you will also need to protect your business information. This is important since business information is everything you will need to run your business successfully. Keeping information confidential and secure is crucial to doing so.

Fourth, you need to make sure that you have properly trained and qualified system administrators and technical support personnel on your team. When a problem occurs, you don’t want them to fail because they were not trained/educated properly. That’s why you call the Florida Nerds. Our professional services division will make sure that you’re secure.

Keep in mind that with any kind of computer system, if things are not setup and provisioned correctly from the security end, you can cause serious problems to your system and get into trouble with the law if someone wants to take advantage of the situation.

Now that you know what managed security services are, it’s important to learn what the different types of security solutions are. Here are the different types of managed security solutions:

IP Address Guard – With this type of service, your system is protected from unauthorized computers in your network that might steal your business information or hijack your computer in order to access personal information. You can get this service from an outside provider, or you can set it up yourself. This means that you can be sure that nobody can access your data when it’s not in your control.

Wireless Networks – Network security solutions will also protect you from unwanted intruders. These types of services are very popular in the corporate world because it provides both businesses and individuals with an additional layer of security. Whether you have one computer or several, this can be an effective method of keeping yourself and others safe.

Security programs can protect your network from computer hackers, spyware, worms, viruses, and more. If you don’t think you can handle it, you can always get a managed security services professional to take care of the problem for you. in the best way possible.

Business Continuity

The Florida Nerds offers Business Continuity Planning on the Treasure Coast. Business continuity planning is one of the main factors in making sure that the business you run is highly productive. A plan is essential for any organization to effectively do its job and meet its objectives. This ensures that your business has a higher chance of survival in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe.

Every business these days knows that it must have contingency plans in case of failure in any of the plans. However, not all businesses are well equipped to manage their IT budget and management in the event of a disaster. For companies that provide managed IT services, a proper understanding of business continuity planning is essential in ensuring that their resources are available if they need them.

Before hiring a managed IT service provider like the FL Nerds, it is important to consider the services offered by a business continuity plan provider. The terms used to describe the nature of the plan vary, depending on how it is used.

When you work with the FLNerds, the first thing we do is execute a business impact analysis (BIA). We’ll identify all of your pain points, potential threats, business processes, and more. We’ll come up with a recovery strategy that works best for your business.

Our business continuity team will create plans for natural disasters, fire flood, acts of terrorism, and more. That’s just a small piece of the pie.

As a client, you’ll work directly with the team members at the Florida Nerds to create emergency management plans and procedures. Together, we will craft an individualized business continuity plan including a recovery time objective for your offices, data centers, and other critical business functions.

The term “business continuity plan” comes from two different meanings. This can mean a full business interruption such as a power failure or supply failures. It can also mean a service interruption that occurs when there is a sudden reduction in the level of service supplied by a service provider. Depending on how your business continuity plan works, the solution could be to cut the cost of the service or wait out the problem.

There are some third-party organizations that offer their clients with business continuity plans that are just enough to protect the business during the interruption and that provide adequate service coverage.

Another term that the Florida Nerds uses interchangeably is “a disaster recovery plan,” and it refers to a service that replaces lost data after a disaster. Like business continuity planning, disaster recovery plans usually include lost files, moved information, and documented restore points, but in some cases, they include telephony and other vital communications. While the recovery plan will replace lost data, the business owner can still use other services provided by the provider to continue operations during the disruption.

It’s important to keep in mind that system downtime is normal. Data can be lost for more reasons than just emergencies. Perhaps something to do with a technical issue. Companies should know that data loss is not guaranteed. Most of the time, the service provider’s focus is on maintaining reliability and security for their customers and not returning data immediately. Things are prioritized based on the need and disaster at hand.

Finding a reliable service provider should not be difficult; just remember to do a bit of research before you make a decision. There are many service providers in the industry, but only a handful are able to offer what a business continuity plan needs to get started. To ensure that you choose the right business continuity planning plan, check with several different organizations to find out which ones are best suited for your organization

No matter how a business continuity plan is implemented, the plan should be one that has multiple layers of support. Support might include making changes to hardware, setting up backup configurations, or using software that automates the whole process. It is also recommended that your plan has access to comprehensive training and support to ensure that it can work when disaster strikes.

The last thing a business continuity plan will need is physical access to the network. This is very important because you want to have the ability to switch systems without taking down the service. In the event of a disaster, having this security feature can help your business plan to operate smoothly and helps maintain its importance in the future.

Network resources are valuable as the people who are able to work with them. A good managed IT service provider like the Florida Nerds is a company that you can count on to handle your needs in the event of a disaster.